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a little Me time Playgroup

Welcome to our vibrant and engaging playgroup, where joy and learning come together in a delightful blend of activities designed to nurture young minds.

In our 2-hour sessions, we embark on a journey of discovery, exploration, and creativity, ensuring that every moment is filled with laughter and educational experiences.

At the heart of our playgroup are adult-led activities that captivate the imagination and foster development. We kick off our sessions with the timeless joy of nursery songs, where little ones can sing and dance to the rhythm of familiar tunes. Sensory toys add an extra dimension to the play, providing tactile and visual stimulation for curious minds.

Our creative corner comes alive with art and craft projects, sparking the imagination and allowing children to express themselves through colorful masterpieces. Baking sessions add a dash of hands-on fun, as our little bakers whip up delicious treats while learning basic kitchen skills.

Storytime is a cherished moment where captivating tales transport children to magical worlds and instill a love for literature. Language learning takes center stage in our playgroup, with dedicated sessions in Mandarin and Spanish, introducing young learners to the richness of diverse languages and cultures.

Amidst the structured activities, we also celebrate the importance of free play, providing children with the freedom to explore, socialize, and develop essential interpersonal skills. Our playgroup is more than just a gathering—it’s a dynamic space where friendships blossom, creativity flourishes, and a love for learning is cultivated.

Join us in this exciting journey where every session is not just two hours of play; it’s a world of discovery, growth, and endless possibilities for your little ones.


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